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Teaching is tough , but so are you !

Technology has changed a lot about the way we live and work, but one area stands out as an exception: education. Many teachers still have to use the same tools such as blackboards, textbooks, overhead projectors that their own teachers used decades ago.
That’s beginning to change. New apps, games, and websites are helping teachers work with their students in new ways and making it easier for them to connect with their colleagues.Few tech tools for teaching are listed below.
BetterLesson hosts lesson plans for English and math from 170 master teachers. The master teachers have posted notes about how they use their plans, along with video summaries. Users can also see how each lesson applies to a given Common Core standard, and how the lessons connect throughout the year.
ThinkCERCA helps teachers create reading assignments that push their students’ critical thinking skills. Students go through a series of exercises, including constructing an argument and citing evidence from what they’ve just read. Teachers can evaluate their student’s work and assign content to help students with areas where they need to improve, right there in the tool.
LightSail is an e-reader app with a library of 80,000 texts. Students can track their reading progress and earn badges as they go. Teachers can set challenges for their classes and assign tests. They can see who hasn’t been reading lately and compare their class’s progress to others in the same school.
FineTune is designed to help teachers practice evaluating their students’ writing assignments. The idea is to let teachers rate sample essays and then give them feedback by comparing their ratings with the ratings given by a panel of experienced teachers.


The pace of technological change in society and in schools has been exponential and will continue to be so. Teachers are using ICT to support their role in providing students with structure and advice, monitoring their progress and assessing their accomplishments. When students use technology to conduct research projects, analyse data, solve problems, design products and assess their own work, they work with others to create and communicate new knowledge and understandings.

To Tech or Not to Tech

Teachers realize that, the knowledge and skills they need to use technology in the classroom goes beyond understanding ‘what functions are under
menu items and what buttons to click’. Using technology effectively to
promote student learning means; thinking about effective learning strategies and effective classroom management.
Teachers are faced with challenges and barriers all the time. Technology’s
place in society causes teachers to consider the implications for them in their role as educator and as lifelong learners themselves. The constant challenge for teachers is to draw upon their continually developing knowledge and skills about what to teach and how to teach. Technology is just one, but an important consideration in that equation.

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