KCG Hackathon – What? Why and How?

We will hold a Hackathon on March 1st at KCG College. It is a mini hackathon, an eight-hour event. It is an experiment in a new format. Below, I summarize what it is, why we made certain decisions and how we hope it will turn out.


The broad theme of the hackathon is AI in Learning and Teaching. It is a hackathon in the traditional sense with a few twists.

– We are trying to attract designers and storytellers to the event

– A team can choose one from any of the three deliverables – code demos, explainer videos, UX prototypes

– It is a nanothon – a mini version of a hackathon (the entire event is 8 hours)


Hackathons are the best way for you to test your skills in building applications. Short bursts of coding sprints are great skill-building exercises. In addition, you get to rub shoulders with peers with the same interest as you.

We chose Application of AI/ML as part of the theme because we feel that students need to gain these skills to prepare for the future. Since AI/ML has broad applications, we wanted to focus on something students can enjoy. That is the reason for the theme AI for Learning and Teaching. We are taking liberties with the term AI. We are using it as an umbrella term to include all related technologies like Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Science.

How do we plan to conduct it?

We have a bunch of starter ideas we plan to give all the participants a day before the hackathon. We also provide them with a list of resources they can learn from. Teams can choose from a list of starter projects, change their scope or come up with their own ideas in alignment with the broader theme.

Let us see how this works out. This will be the first of a series of hackathons we plan to conduct in 2019. Other types of events include Datathons, Botathons, Code Sprints, App Sprints.

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